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REALTYCHECK.COM is ‘the World’s Real Estate Platform™’ – the advanced way to list real estate and search all sectors of the global market from just one login. RealtyCheck™ databases can competently process around 350 million properties, and thousands of users throughout 240 countries can benefit from our powerful search facility.

RealtyCheck™ is unique – we facilitate direct communication between Buyer and Seller via our secure messaging system, and we don’t charge you a commission. You can list/search via Key Areas or via Countries with RealtyCheck™, so you can choose just the properties/features that you’re actually interested in.

Additionally RealtyCheck™ saves users thousands of dollars in costs, and we bill around USD 20 for annual membership, and/or a monthly fee of similar amount depending on how many properties you list.

Furthermore RealtyCheck™ protects its members by manually verifying 100% of platform users, so we create a safe environment for everyone. REGISTER NOW >

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